Nationalizing the Revolution in Central Asia

I found this section very interesting in many ways and caught my eye significantly. This was interesting on how the Russian Empire lost the favor of Jadid’s. Jadids sought and looked for new government reform in the region that they advocated for years. When the revolution struck this was the turning point for jadids, this was a beacon of hope for them. Furthermore, when the revolution happened, the Amir recognized Jadids as a threat and traitor to islam and the city of Bukhara. “Prerevolutionary jadidism, excluded from the political realm, had ex-isted as a discourse of reform and self-help in which the state played little part.This changed dramatically after 1917, and from summer 1918, many Jadids flocked to the new organs of government being built by the Soviet regime and openedto them under pressure from Moscow.” Page 149 Finally, I want to discuss what did the old empire do wrong to the Jadids and how they lost Central Asia to the Soviet Regime. Most importantly, how did soviet policy and government help out Jaddis more rather than the old policy and government of the Russian Empire?

MLA (Modern Language Assoc.)
Ronald Grigor Suny, and Terry Martin. A State of Nations : Empire and Nation-Making in the Age of Lenin and Stalin. Oxford University Press, 2001.

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