The Great Jahon Obidova

Jahon Obidova was an extremely impressive story within the Soviet Union that was looked highly upon by Soviet officials.” Soviet Accounts, foreigner’s observations, and Jahon Obidova’s own words express the wonder that someone born into her circumstances was able to rise to such prominence; and all credited this both to Obidova’s abilities and to the Communists Party’s policy of drawing women into activism.”( Page 314) Obidova was the success story and picture that came out of Uzbekistan who rose from the ground up. I feel that Jahon was a vital role in the fight for women in Central Asia at the time. Besides, Abidova in my eyes was the starting point for Women’s rights in the Soviet Union. I wonder as to what other roles could have Obidova played also for the Soviet Union? Foremost, was the Soviet Union successful with the mission of trying to get Jahon to get other women to modernize and be politically active?

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  1. I think your question regarding what other roles Obidova played for the Soviet Union is quite interesting. I think she would have played a significant role in propaganda for the Soviet Union, not only within the Union itself but to inspire others in other capitalist countries to support communism because it offers so many opportunities to women. I can see why it would be very appealing to people who otherwise, would not have a position of power.

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