Traditional Music

I found the music playlist very interesting and it shed light on the different aspects of culture from different regions in the Soviet Union. Each of the videos/songs represented different sounds and utilized different instruments, with some of the instruments being unfamiliar to me. In “Dance of the Kurds and Sabre Dance”, the movements caught my attention the most, but the clashing of instruments and sounds developed an almost foreboding or dark mood. In the second piece, I was really intrigued by the qobyz and the performers traditional clothes. Hearing the difference in the sound and presentation even in music from the same region was interesting to note. I really enjoyed listening and viewing the songs. By listening and watching them, I could understand how music and culture developed in the larger Soviet Union region and how unique each piece was. Overall it put the reading into context and displayed the result of the Soviet Union’s policies attempting to develop music and culture across the various nationalities.

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