A Biography of No Place

I find it interesting on what inhabitants were to do in the Kresy region and as well as other borderland boundaries. With the establishment of the Marchlevsk Polish autonomous Region, Pulin German Autonomous Region, as well as the hundred of other Jewish, Polish and German regions. Whereas the other inhabitants in these are at a disadvantage because their nationality was not recognized in the eyes of the Soviet Union. For the other inhabitants in these regions to speak their native languages and even take control of their schools, courts, libraries and establish their own communities, the Soviet party made them take the ultimate sacrifice to change their own identity. (Page 9 Lines 4-8) This is so problamatic because, these people carried the distinct traditional and local nationality concept. In addition, I feel that this topic is very important to our discussion lately and believe we can expand on this topic in class.

So I pose the question as to whether or not the transformation of the nationality for these people actually hurt the Soviet Union by not making these people want to become stalinist or even make them into revolutionists against the regime? Furthermore ,did the inhabitants within these regions see no other choice but to change their identity to benefit themselves or capitulate to the Soviet Union?

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  1. In my opinion the transformation of nationality of the people in the Marchlevsk Polish Autonomous Region seams to be a challenging task from the fact that the cultures of the different nationalities of the region was a hybrid of one another. Kate Brown cited an example of the first soviet newspaper being written in a dialect of Polish containing a lot of Ukrainian and Russian word. Furthermore, I think attempting to create a homogenous region in a place so diverse would have had a negative effect on the development of the region. By forcing one language to be taught in schools and used in Newspapers it forces all the the people who don’t speak that language into illiteracy.

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