The Soviets and the Jadids

The Jadid intellectuals and the Soviets shared common ground on their disdain for European imperialism. Likewise, both parties share the goal of modernizing central Asia. A quote from Stalin is included in the text stating the desire to “‘raise the level of the backwards people,… to enlist the toiling masses… in the building of the Soviet State, [and] to do away with all disabilities … that prevent the peoples of the East… from emancipating themselves from the survivals of medievalism and national oppression'” (page 153). the text also expresses the view of the Jadids, that “the path to salvation lies through enlightenment, education, and moral rectitude…” (153). However, the text explains that the Jadid view of exploitation was focused on imperialism, while the Soviet was on class. Furthermore, the Jadid’s Islamic beliefs seem to conflict with the aniti religious view of the Soviets. So, my question is was the ideology of the Jadids compatible with the Soviets?

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